Smart Metro 2 Consumer and Commercial Bureau Reporting
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Smart Metro 2 Consumer and Commercial Bureau Reporting

MicroBilt is pleased to offer Smart Metro 2 Bureau Reporting, a new value-added service to our customers. Smart Metro 2 offers you the ability to report trade-line information to all major consumer and commercial credit bureaus and other data repositories using the industry-standard reporting format, Metro 2.

Manually reporting trade-line data to various repositories individually can be so time-consuming that many businesses either report to only one bureau or they are unable to do so in a timely manner. It can also be risky if various individuals have to physically handle sensitive account data in order to complete the process. With Smart Metro 2, customer account information can be reported directly and securely to the credit bureaus and data repositories through our streamlined processing and reporting services directly through your account with

How does Smart Metro 2 Bureau Reporting Work?

Smart Metro 2 will convert files delivered in any format to Metro 2 and submit quickly to multiple repositories that may all have slightly different reporting requirements. Simplifying reporting to a single step dramatically reduces the security risks associated with a manual process. This prevents businesses from having to purchase and maintain their own reporting software and establish their own procedures for secure reporting to multiple data repositories.

Who Can Use Smart Metro 2 Bureau Reporting?

This service is available to MicroBilt customers with 100 active accounts or more. Consumer reporting can be submitted for up to five consumer data repositories: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion as well as the non-traditional data repository PRBC. The commercial repositories include D&B, Experian Business, and Equifax Business.

While reducing the time, effort and risk involved in comprehensive reporting, the Smart Metro 2 service also establishes a "best practice" for timely collections as well as helping consumers build good credit histories. Fast, accurate reporting of trade-line data facilitates collections as delinquencies are registered in a timely manner and customers are alerted in real time about late fees and collection practices. At the same time, efficient reporting to the data repositories benefits customers who keep up with their payments by helping them build or maintain good credit scores.

Smart Metro 2 is a Subscription Value-Added Service for Customers with 100 accounts or more.

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