Consumer Credit Reports and Data

Consumer data is essential for your business to operate, and you need a comprehensive, secure source for your mission critical information. MicroBilt is your single source for consumer credit reports from PRBC, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion as well as business reports from Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, Equifax Business and Paynet.

Each MicroBilt consumer credit report is provided with a PRBC score and automatic verification of application data including SSN, Death Master, address and phone. Each MicroBilt consumer credit report also offers a comprehensive selection of additional data with the consumer credit report including:

  • Multiple Score Options
  • Bankruptcy Watch - Strong bankruptcy predictor
  • Decode – Trade line Contributor details
  • Fraud Alerts and Tools
  • GEO Code- Validate any Physical Address

PRBC Consumer Report

MicroBilt's PRBC Consumer Credit Report offers your business the opportunity to tap into a huge market of creditworthy customers by allowing you to use alternative data to make non-traditional decisions with minimal risk. It incorporates the PRBC Credit Score - a credit risk score designed specifically to help lenders extend credit to consumers in new markets.

Consumer Credit Report Tools and Services


MicroBilt's MicroMerge 3 Bureau Consumer Credit Report can be merged at any point in your workflow. Merging consumer credit reports builds the most comprehensive consumer credit report available.

MicroBilt Decision Engine and Decision Tables

MicroBilt's Decision Engine is a completely customizable consumer credit report. Utilize your custom scoring systems and loan application processes to fit the way you do business. The Decision Table is a free tool built into and is great for prescreening and other decisioning applications.

Red Flags

MicroBilt's Red Shield solution is a streamlined, Red Flags solution that instantaneously analyzes the likelihood of identity fraud.

Bureau Reporting

MicroBilt's Smart Metro 2 Bureau Reporting offers you the ability to report trade line information to the major consumer and commercial credit bureaus and other data repositories using the industry-standard reporting format, Metro 2.

Adverse Action Letters

Protect your business from noncompliance penalties and law suits with MicroBilt's adverse action notices. Integrated with MicroBilt's Decisioning services, your business can automatically generate and mail your adverse action letters whenever a prospect is denied credit.

Bank, Trade Line and Payment Verifications

Our verification service allows you to reduce the risk falsified applications and allows you to focus on managing your business.

Web Applications/FastBilt

Take your entire credit originations and decisioning process online with a turn-key, customizable Web application.

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