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Consumer Prescreen

MicroBilt's Consumer Prescreen enables companies of all sizes to target prospects for sales campaigns that closely resemble key customers from a risk and a marketing perspective.

Consumer Prescreens are developed using two primary methods:

Custom Extract List Processing: You may select a prospect universe from our national database of over 280 million adult consumers. Selections are run through a Custom Prescreen process that utilizes both standard and generic credit criteria, risk scores and multiple decisioning levels.

Non-Custom Extract List Processing: When you may not require the customization and multiple decision levels of a custom process, this alternative enables you to create prospect lists from a universe of over 280 million adult consumers with over 500 predefined credit characteristics, risk scores, demographics and marketing models. Most orders using this alternative can be fulfilled within 24 to 48 hours.

Consumer Prescreen allows you the flexibility to pick the best alternative for your campaign needs. By targeting only those customers who match your risk and marketing profiles, you can reduce costs, increase sales and most importantly, increase revenues and profitability for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Flexible Alternatives - Accommodates companies with a variety of data needs.

Variety of Data - Hundreds of standard and custom characteristics and risk scores available.

Minimize Risk - The depth and breadth of credit characteristics available allows you to only target those consumers who fall within your set risk parameters.

Retrospective Analysis - Uses a retrospective analysis to determine optimal prescreening criteria.

Underbanked/Credit Underserved Consumer Prescreen - MicroBilt's Consumer Prescreen enables companies to target prospects in the Credit-Underserved market. MicroBilt offers an extensive selection of attributes to determine the creditworthiness and risk of this unique population of consumers. Screen on Criteria from:

  • Short-term Lending Inquiries
  • Short-term Lending Performance Data
  • Bank Account Activity
  • Consumer Stability
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