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FICO® Expansion® Score™ – A Fair Isaac Credit Score


The FICO® Expansion® Score is a new Fair Isaac credit score designed specifically to help lenders extend credit to consumers in new markets. Because it is based on nontraditional credit data, it can effectively predict credit risk for the growing number of U.S. consumers who fail to receive a traditional FICO® score due to non-existent or "thin" credit histories. FICO Expansion Score enables U.S. lenders to confidently assess the credit risk of nearly 50 million Americans who have little or no credit information at Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

"Credit-Underserved" Market

Because it uses alternative data sources, the new Fair Isaac credit score, FICO Expansion, helps lenders confidently extend credit to consumers who are typically excluded from the traditional credit-granting process due to insufficient credit histories.

The FICO Expansion score can help consumers gain access faster to traditional credit products like credit cards, car loans or home loans from reputable lenders by evaluating financial relationships that are absent in credit bureau reports.

Credit Risk Score

The FICO Expansion score accurately predicts the likelihood that a consumer will become seriously delinquent in the 24 months following scoring. FICO Expansion score delivers the same caliber of highly predictive, objective risk evaluation for these credit-underserved consumers whom businesses have come to expect from all FICO scores.

Leading lenders have found that FICO Expansion score:

  • Consistently rank-orders by account risk - Retrospective analysis confirmed that the FICO Expansion scoring model performs well. It consistently assigned lower scores to consumers who later had more delinquencies and charge-offs, while it gave higher scores to consumers who later had fewer delinquencies and charge-offs.
  • Identifies substantial credit-worthy population - Significant opportunities exist today for lenders to safely grant credit within the no-file and thin-file consumer populations. Thirty-five percent of credit-underserved consumers have been shown to have FICO Expansion scores above 640.
  • Provides close alignment to Classic FICO scores - FICO Expansion score aligned with the same Classic FICO credit score used today by most businesses.

Based On Alternative Data Sources

The FICO Expansion score evaluates data from multiple nontraditional data sources to provide a complete view of the consumer's credit risk. FICO Expansion score taps nontraditional sources of consumer data not found at the national credit reporting agencies in order to assess the credit risk of adults who have minimal or no credit history on file. By using FICO Expansion score for these consumers, who include recent immigrants and young adults, businesses can make more financial services available to more people who have missed out on opportunities simply because they lack a traditional credit history.

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