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MicroBilt's Integra Financial Benchmarking Data

MicroBilt Corporation, your single source provider of commercial and consumer data, now offers Integra, private company performance and financial benchmarking data. Integra provides comprehensive industry information and forecasting projections to many accounting, financial, consulting, and marketing firms.

MicroBilt's Integra Financial Benchmarking Data is the leading business valuation and analysis data. We utilize information that is collected from 32 different data sources and represents financial performance of over 4.5 million privately held businesses and detailed industry financial benchmarks of companies in over 900 industries (SIC and NAICS) and 13 sales size ranges.

With our financial benchmarking products you'll have access to financial benchmarking data that surpasses industry competitors by sample size, industries covered and sales range.

Benchmarking Data Available:

Financial Benchmarking Tools, Industry Data and Products Include:

  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Analysis and over 70 financial ratios
  • Five Year Industry Forecasts available on over 900 Industries
  • Data that is used to compare an individual company against their peers
  • Industry Forecasts for financial professionals to make growth projections
  • Reports that can be downloaded into MS Excel

Integra Financial Benchmarking Data Sources?

  • Internal Revenue Service
  • IRS Corporate Source Book
  • Department of Labor
  • Dept. of Labor Monthly Consumer and Producer Price Index
  • Dept. of Labor Employment Hours, Wages Earnings Report
  • National Company Database of Financial Product Usage and Demand
  • Industry Geographic Analysis Database
  • Department of Labor Employment and Wages(ES-202) Data Files
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics-Domestic Industry Output
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Input-Output Accounts
  • Purchase Opportunity Profiles Database

Industry Specific Databases

  • US Census of Agriculture
  • US Census of Construction
  • US Census of Manufacturing
  • US Census of Services
  • US Census of Wholesale
  • US Census of Retail
  • US Census of Transportation
  • US Census of Mineral Industries
  • US Census Annual Retail Trade Survey
  • US Census Annual Service Survey
  • US Census Annual Benchmark Report-Wholesale Trade
  • Annual Survey of Manufacturers
  • County Business Partners Establishment Employment and Payroll Data
  • Department of Commerce Regional Economic Information System(REIS)
  • National Income and Product Accounts(NIPA)
  • Monthly MP3 Shipments, Backlog, Inventory and Orders Reports
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis Input & Output Accounts
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis Gross Output by Detailed Industry
  • Dept. of Commerce Quarterly Financial Reports
  • Dept. of Commerce Monthly Retail Sales Report
  • Federal Reserve Board Industrial Production Index
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