Fraud Verify
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Fraud Verify

Advanced IDV and Fraud Prevention for Online Short-term Lenders

MicroBilt’s Fraud Verify suite of fraud prevention products combines unique consumer data with advanced analytics to grow the profitability of your business. These fraud detection products allow you to very quickly confirm identity, assess risk, and maximize each new lead opportunity. Our fraud prevention products for online short-term lenders streamline the application process and identify high risk applicants in real time to lift portfolio performance.

Fraud Premium Verify delivers maximum protection from fraud losses at the point of acquisition by delivering 32 flags, more than 100 data attributes and highly predictive, proprietary fraud score.

Fraud Standard Verify includes 18 flags and highly predictive, proprietary fraud score.

MICRMatch™ provides data that pairs the ABA routing number with 10 unique matching attributes and 55 additional variables of a consumer that are each robust and indicative of performance. When applied in both online and retail application review, MICRMatch™ is extremely predictive in detecting fraud and other high risk activity.

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