ID Authenticate
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ID Authenticate

Safeguard your business with MicroBilt's ID Authenticate product, a powerful identity authentication solution that helps you prevent fraud and identity theft before they strike your organization.

ID Authenticate consists of auto-generated questions and answers that will test the true identity of an individual. These questions are based on a robust public record database. Identity authentication will help strengthen your company's customer origination process. You can validate a customer with MicroBilt's identity authentication by asking out of wallet questions that only the applicant would know.

Our identity authentication product provides an assessment of what a person represents about his identity based on the analysis of available information.

What Questions Can Be Answered With ID Authenticate?

  • In what state was your SSN issued?
  • In which of the counties below have you lived?
  • In what city is each of the following addresses?
  • How long have you lived at your current address?
  • Which of the following vehicles do you own?
  • Which of the following people do you know?

Based on a sampling of questions and answers the interface then prompts for an ID Authenticate Score which then can be utilized for proceeding with the credit process or application based on the authenticity of the prospect. These questions can be asked in a call center environment or through an online interface that the applicant could answer directly. These questions can also be of use in validating an existing customer prior to releasing critical account information.

For sales assistance with the identity authentication product use our online form or call: 1-800-884-4397.

For sales assistance Identity Authentication products use our convenient or call (800) 884-4747
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