Verifications and Fraud Protection

Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention

Business risks and regulations are more intense and more complicated than ever. Fraud and identity theft are two of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S., affecting consumers and costing businesses billions of dollars annually.

Protecting your business and keeping up with this changing landscape is critical to the success of your business. MicroBilt's comprehensive selection of identity verification and fraud prevention tools, credit decisioning, and anti-money laundering solutions help you minimize risk, comply with federal regulations, and increase profitability quickly and accurately.

Identity Verification Products and Services

MicroBilt offers the leading identity verification products and services along with cutting-edge authentication products that will minimize your risk. As part of each application, MicroBilt provides a complementary suite of identity verification tools; MicroBilt applications can automatically verify and populate an address, verify the applicant's phone number, validate Social Security numbers, and check the Social Security Administration's death master file for a match. MicroBilt's OFAC Watchlist and Red Shield (Red Flags) products protect your business and keep your business compliant with federal regulations.

Verify Applicant Information

MicroBilt's employment and education verification services will verify credentials and DOT commercial driver history. MicroBilt's bank and trade line verifications are essential tools for credit underwriting. Businesses that do not perform thorough identity verification in their credit originations, collections and debt buying, and background screening are the easiest targets for fraud — fraud that could be easily prevented at a very low cost with MicroBilt's identity verification and fraud prevention products and services.

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