MicroBilt, A Leader in Risk Management Data, Introduces a Suite of WorldWide Products at the 2012 WCCRC

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MicroBilt, A Leader in Risk Management Data, Introduces a Suite of WorldWide Products at the 2012 WCCRC

KENNESAW, GA, October 21, 2012 — Already the leader in providing breakthrough risk management data solutions, MicroBilt’s data is going international with its WorldWide KnowledgeTM suite of business products. The suite leverages background screening and business data, which has the potential to make international hiring and business dealings much safer and more reliable.

The WorldWide Knowledge suite is set to be unveiled at this year’s World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference in Taipei, Taiwan. The suite represents a major achievement in data collecting. International background and business information is notoriously difficult to find, due to the lack of international infrastructure; different countries have vastly different regulations, technologies, and practices. Despite these challenges, WorldWide Knowledge has collected criminal, civil, and business data from over 190 countries.

Screening tools include WorldWide Criminal Knowledge and WorldWide Civil Knowledge. These background reports are vital to companies hiring or doing business internationally, and are particularly useful for companies dealing with finances or sensitive data—and are therefore at a high risk of loss due to a bad hire. WorldWide Business Knowledge provides business credit commercial reports on more than 85 million companies, spanning more than 75 countries—all available instantly online.

“The launch of WorldWide Business Knowledge is exciting, but it’s only the beginning,” said Walt Wojciehowski, MicroBilt’s CEO and President. “We’ve laid the foundation to expand into more territories, and develop more tools to get businesses the international data they need.”

The conference will also feature additional MicroBilt products, which were launched this year. This includes IBV (Instant Bank Verification) – this proprietary technology instantly verifies a bank account’s owner and account information in real-time, allowing the lender to immediately assess the risk and bank account status of applicants. With real-time access to over 20,000 financial institutions IBV quickly gauges the ability of an applicant to repay the amount borrowed instantly.

Another showcase offering is MicroBilt’s PRBC (Payment Reporting Builds Credit) which is an alternative credit bureau providing credit scores for the credit underserved. PRBC is the first alternative credit bureau, collecting alternative credit data since 2005, representing the world’s largest source of non-traditional credit data.

For more information on all MicroBilt products including, IBV, PRBC and the WorldWide Criminal, Civil or Business Knowledge suite, visit microbilt.com

About MicroBilt
MicroBilt is the leader in serving small businesses with data and tools that they need to manage risk and make informed lending and hiring decisions. MicroBilt offers the small business owner simple, cost-effective solutions for fraud prevention, consumer financing, debt collection, and background screening. With its PRBC® Consumer Report with the FICO® Expansion® Score, MicroBilt is the leading provider of alternative credit data to businesses that want to offer credit and other financial services to the over 100 million underserved consumers in the United States. For more information, visit www.MicroBilt.com

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