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Whether you’re looking for an accidental skip or a professional debtor, Enhanced People Search is the solution for creditors and collectors who want to get more out of their skip tracing. Even the hardest skips can’t hide from MicroBilt’s Enhanced People Search. Now, it’s updated with all-new data sources, including information that is reported directly to MicroBilt, and aggregated only at MicroBilt. You can’t find these results anywhere else. Stay one step ahead of the game: Enhanced People Search tells you who they are, where they’ve been, and even where they’re going.

Locate individuals and get name, age, date of birth, Social Security number, current address, type of address, current phone number, type of phone, phone information, when, where and to whom a phone was issued, previous addresses, AKA's, date of death, etc. The latest features in the Enhanced People Search include Social Security number validation, the Death Master File verification, identification of high risk, vacant, commercial, mail drop and other types of addresses and a summary header of critical data such as Reported and Verified Matches. The Enhanced People Search checks millions of public records in order to help you find an individual and inform you of their personal history. Our Enhanced People Search report contains data directly reported to MicroBilt, credit bureau header files as well as over 200 telephone databases including 411 and the major telephone RBOC.

When Should I use MicroBilt's Enhanced People Search?

Enhanced People Search is your primary resource for skip tracing. It searches over 100 data sources for a fraction of the cost of conventional skip tracing products. Using a Trace Detail Report with Enhanced People Search can give an even more in-depth history, including verified and non-verified addresses, associates, neighbors, neighborhood and relatives.

Some of the information in an Enhanced People Search report:

  • Possible addresses and phone numbers
  • Reporting dates
  • Status of the individual (e.g., deceased)
  • Birth date
  • Bankruptcy indicator
  • SSN Validation
  • Address Type and Status: High Risk, Vacant, Residential, Commercial, Mail Drop
  • Current Phone Numbers
  • Type of Phone – Landline, Cell, Unlisted
  • Summary Header Information

Other Advanced People Search Products:

MicroBilt’s Genesis Initiative makes products like Enhanced People Search possible. The Genesis Intiative is overhauling data solutions, and redesigning them for today’s economy. Genesis-related MicroBilt products are built from the ground up to specifically measure the data most relevant to the economy of 2013 and beyond—and thereby overcome the inertia that has allowed many data tools to remain obsolete for decades. Learn more about the Genesis Initiative.

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