Screen A Prospective Tenant With The Renter Report Card
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Screen A Prospective Tenant with the Renter Report Card™

Standing Behind the Tenant Screening Decision

Every Security Deposit Replacement transaction starts with the MicroBilt Renter Report Card™. The Renter Report Card screens a prospective tenant for the program. The Renter Report includes the prospective tenant’s PRBC® Consumer Report with FICO® Expansion® Score, a traditional credit report with FICO® Score, MicroBilt’s enhanced Evictions Report, a national Sex Offender and international Watchlist Search and other advanced anti-fraud and identity verification tools.

The Renter Report Card returns an immediate Approved or Declined decision. Every prospective tenant screened by the Renter Report Card is eligible for the Security Deposit Replacement program; however, a landlord will not receive skipped rent protection for any tenants that are declined by the Renter Report Card. The Renter Report Card allows a landlord to establish their own custom prospective tenant screen and include any additional data the landlord desires.

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