The Better You Manage Your Risk of Fraud, The More Successful Your Business

For more than three decades, MicroBilt has helped businesses manage risk and make well informed payment, lending and hiring decisions. With access to more than 95% of bank accounts and 600 million consumer and business records, MicroBilt is uniquely capable of providing your business with information you need to “know your customer”, prevent fraud, and protect your processing relationship.

In partnership with ACH/Check processing companies, collection agencies and third party billing companies, MicroBilt has added a powerful new fraud-presentation tool: rVd (The Risk Verify Database).

Know Your Customer, Reduce Returns and Protect Your Business From Fraudulent ACH or Check Payments... All In Real Time.

The Risk Verify Database prescreens Check/ACH debits before they occur and for the first time, incorporates specific consumer information allowing you to make the most accurate and informed payment decision.

  • Detects fraud and identity theft patterns to significantly reduce “fatal” returns in consumer not present environments
  • Provides information on the millions of under or non-banked consumers available only at MicroBilt.
  • Allows you to “know your customer”, a requirement to maintain a lasting processing relationship with your bank
  • Reduces NSF fees for your customers
  • Changes in account status and credit profile via automated tracking.
  • Manage your ACH portfolio risk by tracking changes in the merchant/consumer credit profiles

The Risk Verify Database works in conjunction with MicroBilt’s proven arsenal of tools and data to offer a cost effective solution to your business.

  • Matches consumer names and telephone numbers
  • Provides account history on every transaction
  • Validates the MICR account is open and in a positive status
  • Identifies Account Closed, Pending Closed, and Frozen bank accounts
  • Predicts and identifies administrative returns before they occur

As a certified reporting agency under FCRA, MicroBilt’s secure system has been providing MICR-based risk management services with a focus on online and alternative lending for more the 15 years. In fact, MicroBilt is one of the largest reporting repositories of MICR data, with access to one billion real-time consumer account records linked to bank lenders and other financial institutions. Put the power of The Risk Verify Database to work for your business and recognize an immediate reduction in fraud and returns.


The Revolution Is Here!

“It’s the tool we’ve been waiting for to reduce ACH and Check21 errors. As a charter member of Risk Verify Database (rVd), we’ve already seen a significant drop in our failed transaction costs, with a 20% reduction in returned items. This is a landmark accomplishment for our industry, and at this point, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would continue to process payments without the added security of rVd.”

Roy Tahsin, President, FiPay, Inc.

MicroBilt’s Verify Product Suite

IDV/Fraud Verify

Combines unique consumer data with advanced analytics to quickly and accurately confirms the identity of your customer and grow the profitability of your business.

  • OFAC Alerts
  • Validates name, social security number, address, data of birth and telephone numbers
  • Provides detail information and a customizable score targeted at your business requirements

IBV (Instant Bank Verification)

Propriety technology that accesses the bank account of your consumer or business in realtime.

  • Confirms the existence of a specific bank account
  • Details the amount of time the bank account has been active
  • Confirms the frequency and timing of direct deposits into the account
  • Records the number of times the account has been in NSF status
  • Provide real-time balance of the account in $100 increments

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