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Search DMV Records with MicroBilt's MVR Records Report

Checking the driving record of current and prospective employees by using MicroBilt to search DMV records is crucial to the success of your businesses. Search the Department of Motor Vehicles to gather trustworthy information which may pertain to areas of public safety, human resources and other business permissible purposes. MicroBilt’s MVR Driver Records Report allows you to search DMV records online to identify driving violations before you put that person on the road for your company. This report allows you to search driving records online for all 50 states.

Why Should I Use MVR Driver Records Report?

Over 120,000,000 U.S. drivers have some sort of violation on their driving record. If you are screening for positions related to transportation, it is important to search DMV records for driving violations in order to prevent costly litigation.

What Information Is Returned From A DMV Records Search?

  • Name
  • Address
  • County
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Remarks
  • Violations
  • Expiration Date
  • Issue Date
  • License Class
  • License Status
  • License Type
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Height
  • Weight
  • License Number

What Source Does The MVR Records Report Search?

For sales assistance with MicroBilt's MVR Driver Records Report to search DMV records use our online form or call: 1-800-884-4397.

For sales assistance MVR Driver Records Report products use our convenient or call (800) 884-4747
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