SmartDep - Security Deposit Replacement

SmartDep - Security Deposit Replacement™

SmartDep Security Deposit Replacement™ is the perfect alternative to a traditional renter's security deposit. Typically new tenants are required to pay an upfront renter's security deposit prior to move-in, offering the landlord protection against damage to the unit and unpaid rent. The Security Deposit Replacement plan gives a landlord the same peace of mind without the significant upfront cost of a security deposit for the tenant.

  • Greater Protection
  • Less Hassle
  • More Profits

The program provides a landlord with greater protection from property damage and skipped or unpaid rent than the traditional renter's security deposit and eliminates the hassles, costs and risks of holding a renter's security deposit funds.

The financial obligations behind this alternative security deposit program are insured through a policy issued by Virginia Surety Company, Inc.

SmartDep - Security Deposit Replacement Program Options

Ask your MicroBilt account manager about the following alternatives to a traditional renter's security deposit for a customized plan to fit your rental property.

  • $1,500 or $3,000 Accidental Damage Protection
  • $750 or $1,500 Skipped Rent Protection
  • Total Property and Single Unit Options Available
  • Mid-Term Option Available - Get Started Right Away
  • Pet Damage Protection Available
For sales assistance SmartDep Security Deposit products use our convenient or call (800) 884-4747
Security Deposit Replacement product demo.
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