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SmartTarget™ Debt Recovery Service

SmartTarget is part of an intelligent suite of debt recovery and reporting services optimized for the unique needs and challenges of the small business. SmartTarget debt recovery service combines the ability to locate and communicate with debtors with the capacity to report delinquencies.

SmartTarget is a fixed-fee debt recovery service, which sends a demand letter from MicroBilt Collection Agency ("MCA") to your debtors requiring direct payment to you. If payment is not made within 30 days, the delinquency will be reported by MCA to all bureaus.

Why Should I Use MicroBilt's Debt Recovery Service, SmartTarget?

The truth is, for small businesses, even a single debt impacts the company's cash flow and profitability. Typically, the small business has neither the resources to effectively pursue debt collections nor the volume of requests needed to interest collection agencies. Yet, if a debt remains unpaid, it is difficult for most businesses to communicate that account information to the credit bureaus.

Highly Targeted Communications
MicroBilt's SmartTarget debt recovery service employs an assortment of letters that lets businesses determine the tone of their communications. This allows you to be more accommodating with historically good customers you wish to retain.

Superior Address Verification
Leveraging MicroBilt's core address verification services, SmartTarget offers sophisticated intelligence for locating debtors who may have moved and did not inform their creditors.

Pipeline to Inform Various Data Repositories
MicroBilt has the ability to report delinquencies to various data repositories if the debt to the creditor remains unpaid after 30 days. This means consumer defaults, which previously could not be reported directly by small companies, can now impact a debtor’s credit score by using our debt recovery service. Letters used to generate payments reflect this capability for greater debtor leverage.

Consumer and Commercial Debt Recovery Solution
SmartTarget permits the Small Business to address both consumer and commercial delinquencies.

How Does Microbilt's SmartTarget Debt Recovery Service Work?

  • Verify the debtor's current address
  • Generate demand letter(s)
  • Report the debt to the consumer credit bureaus
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