How it Works

Immediate results.

Risk Verification Database (RVD) is an advanced data scoring system designed to provide you with accurate predictions as to whether ACH debits, checks or e-Checks are likely to clear without return.

RVD compiles and analyzes over 2.3billion real-time consumer transactions and then returns one of three ratings:

  • Accept

    Allows the transaction to continue.
  • Decline

    Notifies user if customized risk parameters are present
  • Warning

    Flags the transaction and requires confirmation before proceeding.

Easy to use.

  • Verification only, and easy to integrate.

    Many similar products are pieces of a larger, costlier platform that requires you to cover the entire transaction, including moving the money itself, through them. Not RVD. As a verification-only product RVD verifies the transaction and allows you to retain your current banking relationship.

  • Available through API, batch, or web.

    We’ve made RVD available to merchants and processors in three convenient options. API for integration with your own software, batch processing for users that upload entire batches and web portal for individual transaction verifications.

  • Up and running in no time.

    When you sign up for Risk Verification Database, MicroBilt (the company that created RVD) will work with you to set up your account. Once you do, batch processing and live transaction processing through our web portal can be up and running in within days. With the API a little extra time is required to ensure data formatting is correct.

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RVD is only available to businesses.